Perfect Storm

The feelings blew through that tiny town she harbored in her head like a category 5 hurricane coming in from the gulf. Too warm, too fast; she puked at the thought of what was brewing in her midst. Every precautionary measure she could muster up she threw in his direction; still the love came swirling in his hazel eyes, life crashed through his dangerous smile. Begging him to keep her heart safe, she handed him the key. Her usual caution gone, she threw herself into the storm. From the ashes they would build their love. The ashes of the fallen, the lovers who did not make the cut. The ashes of the beautiful, their starry eyes only finding one nights lust. How do you steal the heart of a man whose eyes burn like the fire in her soul? How do you steal the heart of a man who makes her shiver at the graze of his fingers? Hot and cold, a million degrees on a snowy day. She chases his heart like the storm chasers chases the most perfect storm.


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