One day..

One day when you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing floors, you’ll notice every little scratch, every scuff mark, every drop of sticky unknown substances. Look at everyone around you, and I  promise you, no one else will even see them. They’ll brush it off, swear they weren’t the ones to spill anything, they swear they pick up their messes, as you laugh. There’s one thing people forget, if you’re the one doing all the cleaning, you already know who does what. You already know that last Wednesday after work you passed out in the lay-z-boy chair, with the help from few fruity cocktails, and the last of your booze still in your hand, which ended up on my floor.
One day after your toddler has made a mess under your kitchen table, you’ll go to pick up the random bits of food, and clean up the entire house. You’ll notice the socks under the couch, the living room table, the rugs (how in the..), and then stumble upon the mass amounts of fast food bags and cups that create mountains in front of our TV. It’ll bring your memory back to who bought and ate and left it there. Slowly but surely, your brain ticks. You’ll go to throw away the fast food bags and cups, and the trash can is full, oh and without a bag. Where are the bags? Right above the trash can, less than a foot away. So you put the fast food bags and cups down, grab the trash can, dump it in the big trash can,  grab the fast food bags and cups, put them in the big trash can, and then put a bag in the regular trash can. An hour later, someone has bought food and drinks again. An hour after that. They’re still there.
One day, someone’s going to look at you when you’re complaining about having to clean every day and they’re gonna say, but I help you. Try not to strangle those people.
One day someone is going to scoff in your direction when you complain about having to pick up after everyone including yourself and a mini you. But you didn’t do anything the past two days. Realllly, try to not strangle these people.
They will be praising your name and the things you do one day, and telling you your lazy if you don’t keep up to their expectations the next. Keep doing what you’re doing, sometimes it not even worth the argument.


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