You remember those days before you had too much to worry about, too many people counting on you. When the booze flowed, the showers were scarce, and laughter about bad decisions filled the air. You craved more, more than your average job waiting tables to pay your bills and booze in the freezer for the weekend. You craved love, the kind that sets your soul on fire. Late night adventures, holding hands on a drive around town to see the city lights. You couldn’t keep your hands to yourself, every inch you wanted to remember. Every scent, every breeze, every drop of salty ocean air, the sound of the drum circle on a busy island. Feet buried in the sand, the moon bright over the ocean. You craved more. More knowledge, more fun, chasing the sun wasn’t just a song, it was life. Its funny how you feel so lost in those times. No real plan, no five year future laid out. Just life, people, memories, and freedom. Yet now in the shadows of the mundane, you crave more. You want to breathe in the life you once lived. You found love, and you crave more. A family. A family means roots, it means a plan. But the thought of unconditional love in a generation when everything is fleeting, well it makes you crave more.


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